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About Isaiah's Figtree

Isaiah’s Figtree is a team of passionate gardeners looking to connect the community to the natural vitality that surrounds us.  We are specially trained people-plant matchmakers who enjoy gardening everywhere --- From naturally lush open spaces to the hardest urban areas and most dreary institutional settings.

We are also a small family business committed to investing our time, energy, and resources into environmental sustainability, social justice, and spiritual growth. We created Isaiah’s Figtree as a vessel for healing the urban Earth and the people of the city who are more isolated from the natural world. We do that through a focus on creating therapeutic, medical, and ornamental gardens, planting native and organic plants where possible, using organic, ethically sourced garden inputs where possible, as well as applying ethical and sustainable business practices, for example:

  • We seek to hire skilled gardeners with a sense of integrity and empower them through profit-sharing initiatives and personal growth opportunities

  • Working within the budget of clients of varying financial means so that all people can reap the benefits of nature’s beauty

  • We give a portion of profits back to a range of causes and organizations that positively impact social justice, alternative education, environmental protection, physical/mental health, and spiritual growth.

We also offer plant-based products that are uniquely beneficial to your wellbeing. Check out our offerings on the Shop page.

If you have any questions or suggestions about how we do business, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at



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