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Below you'll find a sampling of some of the plants we source. Please browse from the plant images below for some garden inspiration, or simply contact us with your plant requests.

Tropical plants and greenery suitable for indoor spaces

We source all kinds of indoor tropicals and deliver to the metro NYC area; please contact us with your plant inquiries and requests.

Edible & Medicinal Plants

Plants for Herb, Fruit, and Vegetable Gardening

Organic plants and eco-friendly garden byproducts are sought out and sourced wherever possible for your edible and medicinal gardens.

Plants to bring Beauty, Fragrance, and Pollinators to your Garden

Though we might argue that all plants fit into this category, there are some plants that just love to stand out a little more. We've got all kinds of blooming perennials and annuals for you.


Plants that keep their color all year long

From small Bonsais to Boxwoods to Hollies to giant privacy Hedges

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